Colin Brown Writer and Journalist
Colin Brown journalist and author

Hi - I'm Colin Brown.
I've been a lobby journalist for 30 years, first for the Guardian and then for The Independent, with a couple of years as the political editor of the Sunday Telegraph, before rejoining the Indy.

My latest book is my most intriguing - it's the story of how an American unit tracked down and captured a group of German nuclear scientists at the end of WW2 and brought them back to a country house in Cambridgeshire where every word they uttered was bugged and recorded.

It's called Operation Big - the race to stop Hitler's A-Bomb.

And it's full of surprises. It's published by Amberley in April 2016.

I hope you'll use this website to pick up some of my other books too:

Glory and B*llocks - the Truth behind 10 Defining Events in British History/Real Britannia  - Our Proudest Ten Years, The Glory and the Spin (Oneworld Publications)

Scum of the Earth (The History Press) what happeed to the real British heroes of Waterloo?

Fighting Talk (Simon and Shuster) and Prescott (Politicos) the biography of John Prescott.

Whitehall - the Street that Shaped a Nation (Simon and Schuster). You can contact me at: colinbrown00

You can hear me chatting about my work as a lobby journalist (too revealing!) and my latest book at the online literary website,
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You can also find me on Facebook at Colin Brown journalist and author

Scum of the Earth was published in May 2015 to coincide with the bicentary of the Battle of Waterloo but it's not just another book about the battle. You can see the reviews on AMAZON

I'm also glad that Whitehall is still continuing to gain readers and I had the pleasure of talking about my Whitehall book at the V and A as part of a brilliant series on British iconic buildings. I chose the FCO building in Whitehall. What to do you think is the link between the FCO building and the red telephone boxes outside???? Answer below!

Click on this link to see the book on Amazon. It's now in Kindle edition for download to Kindle or Ipad too!

Answer to the red telephone box question: The FCO was designed by George Gilbert Scott. The red telephone box was designed by his grandson, Giles Gilbert Scott.



Colin Brown journalist and author
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